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Types of Dental Retainer and How to Clean It

A dental retainer or dental brace is a useful tool for maintaining the arrangement of teeth after braces. Choosing the right and comfortable retainer is important because this tool is usually used for a long period of time. Dental retainer is very commonly used, both adults and children. This tool is most often used to maintain the arrangement of teeth that have just been repaired with stirrup. The goal is that the teeth remain in their proper position, do not shift, and do not fall apart again. In addition, dental retainer also serves to close teeth that are tenuous or split, correcting the position and shape of the jaw, to correct bad habits, such as rattling of teeth. If you decide to want to use a dental retainer, first know the types and differences. Know Two Types of Dental Retainer There are two types of dental retainer, removable removable retainer which can be removable and permanent retainer. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. The following is the explanat
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Viewing Information About Astringent and Toner

Astringent and toner are water-based skin care products that are used to remove dirt and residual makeup that is still attached after washing your face. Although similar, it turns out these two products have differences, you know! Many think that after washing your face, dirt or residual makeup on the face is completely gone. In fact, that is not necessarily the case. Although it has been cleaned, dirt can still stick to the skin, even though it is not visible. Therefore, you need to use astringent and toner to clean facial skin. Difference between Astringent and Toner Although the functions are the same, astrigent and toner have different ingredients. Astrigent is made from water and is generally formulated with alcohol which functions to remove excess oil on the facial skin. In addition, astringents usually also contain salicylic acid which aims to fight acne and blackheads. Thanks to these ingredients, astrigents are intended for combination, oily, and acne prone skin. Whil

6 This Stresses Your Child, How to Overcome It

Stress does not only occur in adults, but can also affect children. Separation from parents can make a child feel stressed. Especially after entering school age, social pressures and demands for academic grades can also be a trigger for stress on children. Symptoms of stress in children are not easy to recognize, but there are some signs that indicate the child is stressed, such as experiencing sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, changing emotions, becoming frequent bedwetting, difficulty concentrating while studying, or difficulty doing school work. In addition, physical symptoms can also accompany, such as abdominal pain or headaches, but not all children experience similar symptoms. Causes of Stress in Children Some causes of stress in children, include: Overly dense activity Sometimes, we as parents do not realize that the activities of children at school have taken up most of their energy. Our intention to give him additional knowledge after school hours, such as